A drive through the modern Rome

Dives in MisericordiaRome is not only the one of 2000 years ago! Let us show you in one day the best of the modern city. Mayer’s “Dives in Misericordia”, The MAXXI, the new R. Piano’s Auditorium and the EUR area are some of our sights in this tour.

For this tour we need a car as the modern and contemporary architectures are scattered in different districts of Rome and often distant from each other.Art at the MAXXI

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The Church of “Dives in Misericordia” by Richard Mayer is one of the unmissable places,  followed by the new “MAXXI”, (museum of XXI century art) by the persian architect Zaha Adid. Another incredible place is the “Auditorium” projected by Renzo Piano. Created for the music it is also a pleasure for the eyes.

EUR RomeA whole district, was built for the Universal Expo of Rome (E.U.R.) during the Fascist time,  this is the last example of an architecture which characterizes a place in a certain time of history; now any building can be anywhere!