An archaeological walk

 The ColiseumA tour not to be missed by lovers of archeology and Roman history.  A trip above ground and underground to discover both the famous and the unknown. Starting from the ruins of San Clemente where, descending the ancient levels you can have a clear idea of the accumulation of buildings over the centuries, we will proceed to the Coliseum, the monumental symbol of the ancient city, and then towards the Palatine Hill home of the emperors from the Augustan age.

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Porticus of OctaviaThrough the valley of the Forum and up and down the Capitolium we get almost to the banks of the Tiber to the Boarium  and Holitorium markets with their many vestiges, and continue through the Porticus of Octavia to the Campus Martius. Here we will visit the ruins of the now underground Crypt of Balbus and those of the temples of Largo Argentina, ending our archaeological tour with one of the most famous symbols of Ancient Rome, the Pantheon.