Archaeo-trekking and nature trails


Something new, far from the beaten track and tourist routes. Our archaeo-trekkings lead you to discover historic sites and archaeological remains hidden in a nature often still unspoiled.

Among our most beautiful walks those in search of the ancient aqueducts, large bridges and hidden canals, forgotten since centuries but often still amazingly preserved.

Who enjoys walking in the woods will love the  searching for etruscan tombs cut into the tuff and often camouflaged in the vegetation, where small openings give access to the  inner rooms of massive mounds.

For those who enjoy a little adventure we propose underground paths lit by our speleological lamps, climbing the slopes of the plateaus and canyons, the paths along the rivers, always rewarded by views of incredible beauty and vastness.

Some of our suggestions:

The Roman Aqueducts in the Aniene Valley.

The Etruscan Necropolis and “vie cave” of Barbarano and Sutri.

The Ghost Town of Monterano.

The Lake of Nemi and the ancient Emissary (fifth century BC), that merges in the Valley of Ariccia.

The archaeological park of the Etruscan City of Veio.