For Art & Food Lovers

1There are two things that have made Italy known all over the word since centuries: its Art and its Food.

For art loving foodies we propose a walk to discover  the most beautiful and romantic corners of Rome stopping here and there for small samples of the typical and local products. On your way through the historical squares and famous  fountains of the Campo Marzio or through the characteristic medieval streets of the Trastevere you will be able to taste the home made “fettucine” so as delicious PIAZZA DI SPAGNAcold cuts of “prosciutto and salami” or “porchetta and pecorino from the Roman Castles”,  samples of different “pizzas” and “supplis”,  “fried zucchini” and much more, all accompanied by a good glass of red or white wine,  to finish with an exquisite “home made gelato” or a  “granita di caffè con panna” .

While strolling through the narrow lanes of the old town, listening to the VICOLOamazing stories of the brutal murder of Cesar in the theatre of Pompeus or those of the Borgia with their lovers and their poisons, you will be able to try the best of italian and roman food tradition.

According to the selected itinerary we will lead you trough the most characteristic  venues where you will taste the oldest traditional dishes of the roman cuisine based on recipes that have passed down through  generations so as selected appetizers prepared by local producers and street food artisans.


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