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The lost Necropolis

Don't miss this site if roman archaeology is your favourite . The Necropolis of Portus dates to the time of Trajan on the road that connected the port to Ostia,

Seagulls: the last invaders of Rome!

Seagulls have been the latest “citizens” to settle in Rome. And, there’s no doubt, they’re here to stay! In the last years Rome has been invaded by thousands of gulls – they steal food, make a mess on statues and have even attacked the Pope’s doves of peace. …

Learn how to paint a “Fresco”

December 16 at the stadium of Domitian, we attended an interesting workshop on fresco techniques organized by the cooperative Caleidos. After an historical and scientific introduction conducted by Dr. Cecilia Marzi on fresco techniques through the centuries  -Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance-  we were shown all the materials …