Category: Classical Tours

Underground Rome

The Basilica of St. Clemente is the place where you can feel, as you descend the levels, like going back in time! Just a few steps from San Clemente the Celian Hill  seems left untouched since the roman times. Under a later basilica ancient “Roman Houses”, dating  back to the Imperial times, …

The Markets of Trajan

Don’t be content to wander through the ruins of the Forum, come at Trajan’s Market to see an incredibly preserved “real piece” of Ancient Rome!!! Here you will walk on the ancient paved streets of the commercial quarter built by the emperor Trajan on the slope of the …

The Borghese Gallery

A must for any art lover, the gallery is located inside the Borghese park . Masterpieces of Caravaggio, Titian, Raphael, Correggio, Bernini, Canova and more

The Rome Mosaics’ Tour

A complete tour of the Mosaics in Rome. Step by step from the ancient roman ones, trough the byzantine and medieval, to finish with the baroque and modern ones