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St. Angel’s Castle and its bridge

Roman imperial mausoleum, medieval fortress, papal castle and residence, political prison, the history of Castel Sant'Angelo is the history of Rome itself

The Monasteries of Saint Benedict and Saint Scholastica in Subiaco

To the visitor walking through the Sacred Grove the monastery of St. Benedict appears embedded in the rock overlooking the valley below. Walls, vaults and stairs, perfectly integrated into the stone which supports them, ensure with their irregularities an authentic suggestion. Consisting of two overlapping churches, chapels and …

The Rome Mosaics’ Tour

A complete tour of the Mosaics in Rome. Step by step from the ancient roman ones, trough the byzantine and medieval, to finish with the baroque and modern ones

Trastevere & the Jewish Ghetto

This tour crosses one of the oldest and still untouched neighborhoods where we can enjoy the true flavors of Rome.  In ancient times the area across the Tiber river was inhabited by the “non roman”: Etruscan, Greek, Egyptian and Jewish merchants, so as the earliest Christian community , …

An archaeological walk

A trip above ground and underground to discover both the famous and the unknown.