Coliseum and Forum for Families

Colosseo esterno 2A specially designed tour with fun and games for families with children and teenagers. You will experience an “adventure” through the Coliseum and Roman Forum the symbols of the Ancient Rome.

Our best guides with the support of children education experts have created the right mix between information and fun.

In regular tours, even if lead by great guides, the children’s and teenagers canRetiarius often be bored, we avoid this by alternating information and games, walks and stops, keeping their attention alive through “treasure hunt like” games and a lot of pictures.

We encourage them to ask questions and participate actively to our visit.

We begin with the most interesting building for the kids, The Coliseum, where our guide will make the old building return to live again through images games, anecdotes and gossip about the famous emperors and the gladiators’ gory games.

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Trajans' ColumnWe will also find the time to sit and relax to play a couple of games.

After the Coliseum we will learn to recognize Triumphal arches, we’ll have to “Spy” to find info and gather scores… Then we will enter the “city” of ancient world, the Roman Forum, center of Political, commercial and religious life, the place where the romans met!

A lot of other spy games to play along the way and a “mid way” secret agent prize will be assigned.

Finally we will see the imperial forum and we’ll learn to recognize some of the great emperors. The tour will end by the great Column of Trajan.


A main prize will be given to our historians “Secret Agent” after all their games and searches through all the stops of our walk.


All our Family Tours are designed to engage not only the children but the whole family, adults and kids together for a genuine fun experience that will surely be the highlight of your vacation.

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