The Coliseum, the Forum and the Palatine Hill, A walk through the Imperial Rome


We will start our visit with the Roman Forum, the place where the destinies of the world were decided. It was the centre of political power, where justice was administered, where the gods had their temples and triumphal arches to the glory of the emperors were erected.

We will then climb up the Palatine hill, we’ll see the foundations of Romulus’ hut (the legendary first king of Rome); the House of Augustus with its wonderful frescoes; the incredible structures of the  Imperial Palaces built under Nero and Domitian, Septimus Severus and Constantine.

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Roman Forum

On our way down the hill we will see the triumphal arches of Titus and Constantine.

Colosseo SotterraneiAs our last and most exciting visit we will reach The Coliseum, the great arena built by the Flavian Emperors where animals, hunters and gladiators were fighting each other often till their death. By the end of the tour you will know all about their techniques and equipment as well as about the building itself.


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