Food & Art Walk N. 2 – Campo De’ Fiori, and the Jewish “Ghetto” Area

CarciofiWe will begin our walk in the Jewish area of Rome, once called the “Ghetto” as all the Jewish families were forced to live there before Rome became part of Italy.

The most famous food treat of the Jewish tradition are the Artichokes. We will have a try of them in a typical trattoria. Without moving too far, after visiting the Marcellus Theatre and the Porticos of Octavia, we will seat in a gourmand’s paradise to taste the best Italy has to offer about cheeses, cold Filetti di Baccalàcuts, prosciutto and of course….wine.

It might be sad to leave the place but we are happy to let you experience more of food and beauty!

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We will stroll along the boutiques of a former poor district, now very trendy and we’ll stop for a bite of the famous “Fried Baccalà” (fried fish Tempura like), another little walk to reach the square of Campo De’Fiori, now a morning open market place but in the past a place for the public executions….it might Tartufo Ice Creambe the time for another glass of good wine, maybe with a piece of Pizza bread stuffed with “mortadella” (Bologne).

Finally we will reach one of the most beautiful squares of Rome, the famous Piazza Navona, with Bernini’s four rivers fountain.

It is time for a great gelato, the typical here is the “tartufo” a dark chocolate truffle shaped with a cherry inside, topped with whipped cream.

Piazza Navona is ideal to seat and relax thinking that life, sometimes, can really be a treat!

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