Flavia Serangeli


My name is Flavia Serangeli.
I was nine when my parents moved to Rome where I soon  developed a special love for all that was ancient and ruins attracted me more than any game. At school I studied latin and greek and I took Archaeology and Ancient History at the University.

I wanted hard to be an archaeologist , instead I became an official guide of Rome in 1981. But my early passion never died and at the moment I am specializing in underground archaeological research. Have you seen the Colosseum and the Roman Forum?  Believe me, you have only seen the top of the iceberg!
I can show you how much more there is to discover: grandiose roman remains, extended  villas or huge  aqueducts, wonders of a powerful architecture,  but also the  witnesses  of an every day life, with its joys and its sorrows,  often deeply  buried  under the surface of the city, to where most people will never even think to descend.