Gladiator’s experience

RetiariusThis is a very special tour children and teenagers usually rave about:   Learn with fun the roman soldiers and gladiators fighting techniques !

Arriving to the  “Castrum” , the Gladiators’ headquarters,  just outside Rome, you will be welcome by our gladiators and  centurions trainers and shown the equipment and all the tools you will be using in the next few hours.A boy equipped as a Roman Retiarius soldier

Out “on the field” you will then be taught the training techniques of the ancient roman soldiers and the ones of the gladiators using wooden swords, daggers and shields against standing and moving targets. Then you will also learn the use of the javelin and how to become a roman archer.

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Arcieri 2A gladiators’ fight in the arena will come as the final and most exciting part of the training (no physical contact) The Retiarius throws his net against his  opponent, the Oplomachus , who will defend himself  trying to block the net using his dagger and shield.  At the end of the fight it will follow a “winner’s celebration” with snacks and drinks and the participants will be given a certificate of  “GLADIATOR EXPERIENCE”

Before leaving the “Castrum”  you  might want to enjoy a barbeque with local products. The menu may vary according to the season: bruschetta, steak and sausages, chicken, mozzarella, tomatoes, fries, salad, water/drinks, fruit and coffee.


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