Guia Bargigli


Ciao, my name is Guia Bargigli, and Rome is my native city. “Guia” means guide, so my name was my destiny. The knowledge and love for Rome runs in the family. My father was a guide, he showed me a lot of the secret places of Rome only a true roman knows.

Growing up I developed a veritable thirst for further information about the treasures my father had shown me.
I studied Art, History and Languages in Rome University and after a short period of teaching  in Vancouver B.C. I came back to Rome for a new challenge.

I became an official tour guide for Rome and the Vatican in 1989.

Since then, I have worked for numerous international companies, tours and conventions, experiences which further enriched my knowledge and professional skills. My goal is, besides the traditional and unmissables, to reveal aspects of the Eternal City which remain elusive to ordinary groups of tourists. For this I became a private tour guide of Rome  specialized working with families since I had my 2 boys I’ve learned how to deal with them. As a “Mamma”, I’d like to pass you also some Italian food tricks