Once there were Romans

Catacombs galleriesColiseum

Specially dedicated to your children and youngsters to learn with fun the history of Ancient Rome (and the way Romans lived) through their most significant monuments; where they lived, what they enjoyed, how they defended themselves from enemies and how they buried their dead.

Descending the undergrounds of S. Clemente,  they will discover the phenomenon, typically roman, of the overlapping of layers through the ages, getting the feeling of going   back in time while descending the different levels that will take them into a house and a sanctuary of the Ist century, now more than 25 feet under the modern road.      

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The Coliseum is the most impressive roman building in the world. Here crowds of people of  every social class cheered their favorite gladiators and the most exotic wild animals were    taken from every corner of the word to fight or die in the arena.                                                                                                 Rome City WallsGladiator's armourRome was fortified against the barbarians by Emperor Aurelian. Along the   city walls of  Rome your children will be able to run back and forthon the battlements and look down  from the loopholes of the towers as once did the legionaries of Rome.   Finally we will visit  the Catacumbs with their creepy net of galleries and ravines excavated in the rock, a real  labyrinth once lit only by oil lamps that both pagan and christians used to bury their dead.

The visit of the ancient town can be completed with the exciting experience of Being a Gladiator.