Paola Bargigli


My name is Paola Bargigli, born in Rome where I spend the largest part of my life. I studied Philosophy here and, after a short time abroad to perfection the languages I use for working, English, German and Spanish, I started in 1989 working as a licensed guide of Rome.

I was nurtured with the love for Art and History by my own father who used to work as a Rome guide when young.

A great inner drive to get to the core of things I approach, made me gather a knowledge and a way of explaining that is not only a report of names and dates, but an ability of relating events and characters and to offer a vivid picture of the many facets of the astonishing gem Rome is.
I will guide you with great pleasure and deep understanding to make your staying in Rome a unique experience, having also got by now, after 23 years of guiding, a considerable experience in leading people in the best way.