Paul the Apostle of the Gentiles

San PaoloPaul was not one of the twelve Apostles, he did not even meet the Lord, but he was the elected to set the roots of His Church all over the world…
A tour to follow the spurs of the Apostle who set the base of Christianity. Starting from the Mamertine Jail by the Forum where, together with Peter, Paul was imprisoned shortly after his arrival to Rome to be prosecuted by a roman court, we then proceed to the Abbey of the Three Fountains where he was beheaded following his sentence. The legend tells that where his head bounced three times on the ground originated three springs of clear water.

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Sam Paolo altareFrom the place of his martyrdom to the place of his grave, under the main altar of the imposing Basilica of St Paul outside the Walls. 

Our pilgrimage on the spurs of Saint Paul will end along the Appian Way by the Catacombs of San Sebastian where the bodies of the two apostles were hidden during the persecution of Valerian (258) to preserve them from any profanation.