The archaeological Museum: frescoes, mosaics, statues and daily life


The main archaeological museum at Palazzo Massimo is a treasure trove for history  and archaeology lovers.
Here are the frescoes from the House of Livia, the most beautiful of the imperial age, and the paintings from the “villa della Farnesina” discovered last century by the Tiber river.

Livias' fresco on Palazzo MassimoHere are some of the most beautiful original greek and roman statues, the ones originally located in the various imperial residences: the famous bronze of the “Boxer“,  the powerful torso of the “Discobolus“, the moving beauty of the “Dying Niobide”, and many others, to end with the statue of Augustus as “pontifex maximus” and a vast collection of portraits of the famous characters of roman history.

A roman doll

The whole top floor is dedicated to the exhibition of mosaics while in the underground level is one of the largest collections of coins in the world, from the iron age to the Euro. Here you can also see the mummy of a little roman girl with her toys,  jewels of the roman matrons as well as everyday tools for working and home use.