St. Angel’s Castle and its bridge


Castel Sant’Angelo is a building whose history could almost be considered the history of Rome itself.

Built as a Mausoleum (tomb), it became later a fortress and a prison. We will explore all the aspects of this peculiar building, first erected in 136 AD by Emperor Hadrian as a monumental Mausoleum, a burial place for himself and his family. Castel Sant’Angelo was later converted into a fortress around the Middle Ages

That fortress became the popes’ refuge in times of danger, and a panoramic frescoed apartment was built on its top to be a comfortable residence when needed. One of the most powerful strongholds ever erected, the castle, enclosed by a moat and defended by its high ramparts surrendered only because of plug and famine.

The bridge that stands in front was decorated by  the great baroque master G.L. Bernini and his pupils with beautiful statues of angels holding in their hands the instruments of the passion of Christ.
We may end the tour strolling around the narrow streets where the shops are quite unusual, like a shop specialized in obelisks or a store for magicians!