The archaeological Park of Veio


Veio was the most southern of the Etruscan cities. Bitter enemy of Rome it was destroyed by Furio Camillo after a long siege in 396 BC. Within the Archaeological Park an ancient stone paved road leads to the Sanctuary of Portonaccio, located outside the settled area and dedicated to the goddess Minerva. Buildings and structures were contained within a perimetral fence. Inside were the temple and a sacred pool. The complex dates to the archaic era (sixth century BC.), In the area were found many beautiful  clay objects , including the famous statue of the god Apollo, which decorated the roof of the temple. Another important sanctuary was located on the top of the hill, possibly dedicated to Demeter. Close to the town were discovered the Tomb of the Ducks, the most ancient Etruscan tomb with wall paintings and the Tomb Campana, decorated with figures of horsemen accompanied by people on foot and imaginary animals. Most evocative is the “Ponte Sodo“: a tunnel about 70 meters long, half hidden in the bush, completely excavated in the tuff the for the drainage of the torrent Valchetta during floods, and on  the vault of which were once dug wells to draw water from above.