The Borghese Gallery

Apollo e DafneThe Borghese Gallery is a must for any art lover. The building is part of the lovely Borghese park stretching in the northern part of Rome. Masterpieces of  Caravaggio, Bernini, Titian, Raphael and Correggio are displayed in the rooms of the Gallery. At the beginning of the XIX c. the Palace had a guest of honor: the sister of Napoleon wondrously portrayed by Canova.

The Palace is named after the aristocratic Borghese family whose fame rose with Paul V in the XVII c. The cardinal nephew Scipione, a passionate art collector, was in charge with creating a marvelous mix between human and nature: a Park with exotic trees and aviaries for animals and a palace where to meditate upon beauty.

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When in the ground floor you might fall in love with artists such as Bernini, Caravaggio and Canova. There’s nothingPlutone e Proserpina comparable to Bernini’s Apollo and Dafne, a sculpture showing  the nymph as she turns into a tree with her fingers becoming leaves. Bernini was the kind of artist turning the marble into any shape and material.
Amongst the paintings of the ground floor, the outstanding Caravaggio’s  Madonna of the Palafrenieri  representing the Virgin Mary teaching the young Jesus how to crush the serpent, symbol of sin and heresy.


Paolina BorgheseMany important works are displayed  in the upper floor’s paintings’ gallery too, like Raphael’s Deposition of ChristTitian’s Sacred and Profane Love, Domenichino, Correggio, Barrocci and many more great renaissance and baroque painters.
The interior of the building itself with its ancient mosaics inlaid in the floors and the profusion of decor provides more feasting for the eyes.