The “Castelli Romani” on the Alban Hills

castelli Romani

A wonderful panoramic tour starting from the Appian Way, where a few of the famous Christian catacombs can be found, and heading  toward the area of the volcanic crater lakes of Albano and Nemi, the so-called “Castelli Romani”.

Along the way many beautiful places to visit :  Grottaferrata with the Abbey of San Nilo, one of the oldest in Italy; Castel Gandolfo with the Barberini Palace, summer residence of the Popes since the XVII century;  Nemi, with the Ruspoli Castle at the top of the crater and the grove at its feet,  abode of one of the most archaic roman cults and sanctuaries, that of Diana NemorensisFrascati Wine Not far from the ruins of the temple are the plantations  of wild strawberries, famous for their taste and delicate fragrance.

Crossing the monumental bridge of Ariccia, built in the XIX century, one gets to the Palazzo Chigi, with its suggestive original furniture on display. Final aim of the journey the lovely town of Frascati, where many rich renaissance families built their villas. But not less famous is Frascati for its wine. Here or in the surroundings one can stop for a wine tasting, enjoying the local appetizers like pecorino cheese, salami, prosciutto and the typical “porchetta”.Albano

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