The Ghost City of Monterano

MonteranoThe route winds through the Monterano Natural Reserve (Bracciano), a charming blend of naturalistic, artistic, historical and archaeological sites. In the area of ​​the stream Bicione along a charming and unspoiled nature trail you’ll be able to see, besides the waterfalls and the ancient mines of sulfur, even  residual phenomena of volcanism as the so-called “Solfatara” and a Spring of boiling water.

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Going up a suggestive Etruscan path deeply cut into the rock you reach the top of the plateau of tuff. There, completely surrounded by rugged hills and deep valleys, was the site of the ancient town of Monterano, abandoned toward the end of the 1700 following an outbreak of the plague. Half hidden by the vegetation, in a surreal atmosphere, there will appear the arches of the aqueduct and the ancient walls and gradually, within them, the dilapidated structures of the Ducal Palace and the ancient churches, the Convent and Basilica of St. Bonaventure, designed by the famous baroque artist G. Lorenzo Bernini.