The Markets of Trajan

Mercati_di_Traiano (4)Don’t be content to wander through the ruins of the Forum, come at Trajan’s Mercati_di_Traiano (2)Market to see an incredibly preserved “real piece” of Ancient Rome!!!

Here you will walk on the ancient paved streets of the commercial quarter built by the emperor Trajan on the slope of the Quirinal Hill; trod along the galleries of the shopping mall and peep inside the shops; run up and down the stairs of the three- storey central building where are housed some of the most Mercati_di_TraianoMercati_di_Traiano (5)beautiful pieces of sculpture found in the excavations of the imperial Fora; descend to the monumental area at the foot of the hill and enter the Auditoria (rooms for lectures and teaching) where philosophers spoke; admire the astonishing view of the Forum Valley from the upper terrace having the huge column celebrating the victories of the emperor just in front.