The Villa of the Quintiles and the residence of Herod Atticus along the Appian Way

villa dei quintili

Built in the first half of the second century AD on top of the lava rock of ” Capo di Bove ”, the villa still dominates with its imposing structures the valley of the Appian Way.  The largest among the suburban villas it was provided of large residential areas, baths, gardens, porches and fountains , and even a race track.

Mosaics, paintings and marble sculptures completed the decoration. It was so much liked by the emperor Commodus as to send to death their owners, the brothers Quintiles, to possess it. After the recent restoration and the latest excavations in areas newly acquired by the Superintendence  the site appears today among the most impressive and interesting of Ancient Rome.

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Triopius of Herod AtticusAlong the Appian Way, close to the later imperial residence of Maxentius  was the Pagus Triopius of Herod Atticus, an important agricultural land that stretched between the Appian Way and the river Almone that Herod (philosopher and mathematician that lived at the time of Emperor Marcus Aurelius) had acquired from his roman wife Annia Regilla. Recent excavations have revealed an entire thermal complex with beautiful mosaic floors.

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