The Walls of Ancient Rome: Porta Asinaria

Porta Asinaria

In ancient times it was one of the minor gates that opened into the fortified walls built by the Emperor Aurelian in 214.  Through here run the homonymous road Via Asinaria . Today the gate  is several meters below street level, perfectly preserved since the time of Honorius who provided it with two round towers and an inner door. After many vicissitudes it was finally closed in the XVIth century and replaced  by today’s Porta San Giovanni as part of the restructuring of the Lateran commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII and completed by Sixtus V. The landfill and the numerous restorations have preserved it almost intact . The visit will give us a unique opportunity to see the city from the top of  its fortifications, to walk along  the battlements and hidden walkways and climb inside the towers and in the control rooms of the ballista.