10. Tivoli, Villa Adriana & Villa d’Este Tour

Since the imperial times the Romans loved Tivoli, for its mild clime, the thermal waters and the rich vegetation, and last but not least the short distance from Rome.
Hadrian’s Villa one of the richest residences ever, and Villa D’Este a “miracle” of fountains & gardens are the destinations of our tour.



  • a personal guide with you for the duration of the entire tour.
  • Tickets for Hadrians Villa and Villa D’Este
  • Transfers from Rome (your hotel) to Tivoli (both Villas) and back

Hadrian’s Villa is the place where the Emperor tried to relax from the confusion of the Capital and to realize his revolutionary ideas of architecture. We will be happy to show you

  • The Baths and pools,
  • The “Maritime Theatre” a private island inside the Villa
  •  the Imperial quarters, the libraries, the guesthouse (decorated with wonderful mosaic floors)
  • The” Barracks”, all framed by wild bushes, olive and pine trees.

Tivoli Villa D’Este gardens belongs to another time, centuries later,  when another powerful man, Cardinal Hippolito D’Este (son of Lucrezia Borgia) established his residence in Tivoli

He called the best architects, painters and engineers to modify a simple building on the slope of a hill into the most luxurious villa of his time.

Villa d’Este Palace, is decorated with beautiful frescoes showing landscapes and mythological scenes, after visiting it we will descend to the:

Villa D’Este Gardens, we will walk among hundreds of fountains waterfalls, grottoes, pools and Italian style gardens with some centuries old trees.


The tour lasts about 7 hours,
including the trip *
2 persons

* medium walking difficulty.
In summer it is a good idea to wear a sun hut and to carry a water bottle with you. I would also suggest a sun protection cream.


PRICE  of our private guided tour:

€  200 * € 100 * Free

*In case of meeting the guide in Tivoli we will apply a discount of 50 € for the adults and 25 € for the children

LIMO/VAN TRANSPORT depending on the number of participants  € 210/280 (total)


Families of four people (and more) will have a discount of 15% on the total*

If you buy at least 2 tours with us you’ll have a 15% discount on each tour*

*entrance fees and transportation excluded

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