Vatican for children & teenagers

Schermata 2015-04-24 alle 19.08.17Vatican Museum with kids. For families traveling with children and teenagers we suggest some changes to the standard itinerary trough the museum.Schermata 2015-04-24 alle 19.08.36

To keep the interest of your children alive we will skip the crowded Rooms of Raphael and introduce for them the collection of the Papal horse Carriages and the Pope’s Mobiles. The Egyptian mummies usualy keep their attention alive as well as the 3000 years old Assiryan “clay letters” (complete with their envelopes). Of course our talks will be light  enough  not to bore them and will underline things that might be already part of their experiences, like the sarcophagus (tomb) showing how a roman boy would spend his free time and play.

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St. Peter's square frome the dome

The Sistine Chapel and the Basilica of S. Peter will be part of our tour that might be prolonged with the ascent to the Dome where they’ll enjoy the best view of the city from the top.

We suggest to keep the visit time within 3 hours .

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