9. Ancient Ostia walking tour

 “Ostia Antica”, ancient harbor of Rome, is one of the best preserved old Roman towns. Located at the mouth of the River Tiber, just a few miles from Rome, Ostia soon became the main way for the Romans to the Mediterranean.
Ostia is now a very quiet relaxing place, but once it was a sea port inhabited by very active people.



  • a personal guide with you for the duration of the entire tour.
  • Tickets for Ostia Antica Scavi.

Our visit will start with the Necropolis, one of the most interesting of all.

We will go on with the first square of Ostia “Piazzale della Vittoria”, the place of arrival and departures, the “station” of the ancient times.

The Baths of Neptune, decorated with incredible mosaic floors

A “Fullonica” a Laundry of 2.000 years ago.

The imposing and well preserved Roman Theatre, where still nowadays in summer, shows are held.

The Forum square, the seat of the commercial, political and religious meetings, the place of the main temples.

The “Baths of the Forum”, among the best preserved of all, we can follow all the path of a Roman in a bath and undertand from the remains the way they were functioning

A “Latrin”, a toilet of the ancient times where are still preserved its original marble seats.

an old Fisherman shop, preserving some of the original furniture and decorations.

The wonderful “House of Love & Psyche”, where the original multicolored marble floors are still in the original spot.

The famous “House of Diana”, a well preserved condominium building were it is possible to see how high and complex their buildings used to be.

A “Thermopolium”, a restaurant where te serving counter and many of the original decoration can be admired, it looks like it could still be used today.


The tour starts in Ostia and lasts
about 3 hours *

* medium walking difficulty.
In summer it is a good idea to wear a sun hut and to carry a water bottle with you. I would also suggest a sun protection cream.


PRICE  of our private guided tour:

€  90 € 50 Free


Families of four people (and more) will have a discount of 15% on the total*

If you buy at least 2 tours with us you’ll have a 15% discount on each tour*

*entrance fees and transportation excluded

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