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Roger Ballen

It is only given to great souls and minds to get in touch without losing oneselves with such an incandescent reality, to draw out of its enchanted poetry, the subtle quality of a beauty that comes out of ugliness and desperation.


We really hope to enjoy in on the Tiber's embankment walls, between Sixtus Bridge and Mazzini Bridge, the 550 m long frieze, made up of 90 silhouettes 9 m high, that William Kentridge projected after having meditated on Rome's complex and long history. The very original work is …

The wonders of Rome “UNDER ROME”

Everyone knows about the wonders of the "Eternal City". At least the ones that ... are visible. But very few people know about the incredible amount of underground sites that dot almost every district of Rome.

Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia

If you are in Rome for few days you could insert in your “things to do” a visit to Ariccia, a small town in the “Castelli Romani”, a wonderful panoramic area south of Rome where nature and architecture are meeting in the best way. It’s about 25 kms …