Category: Classical tours

6. Underground Rome Tour

The undergrounds of Rome reveal the secrets of the eternal City, The famous Christian Catacombs of Priscilla and the undergrounds of S. Clemente are amongst the most interesting.

7. Art and food walking tour

A relaxing walk through, the heart of old Rome, among squares, fountains and gourmands food. Creamy Cappuccino, Tiramisu, ice-cream, cheeses, coldcuts & more… An interesting mix of culture and typical food in an area rich of genuine roman traditions.

8. Saint Paul guided Tour

Paul was not one of the twelve Apostles, he did not even meet the Lord, but he was the elected to set the roots of His Church all over the world… A tour to follow the spurs of the Apostle who set the base of Christianity.

9. Ancient Ostia walking tour

 “Ostia Antica”, ancient harbor of Rome, is one of the best preserved old Roman towns. Located at the mouth of the River Tiber, just a few miles from Rome, Ostia soon became the main way for the Romans to the Mediterranean. Ostia is now a very quiet relaxing place, but once …

10. Tivoli, Villa Adriana & Villa d’Este Tour

Since the imperial times the Romans loved Tivoli, for its mild clime, the thermal waters and the rich vegetation, and last but not least the short distance from Rome. Hadrian’s Villa one of the richest residences ever, and Villa D’Este a “miracle” of fountains & gardens are the destinations …