Category: Special Tours

2. Rome panorama: driving tour in Rome.

Enjoy strolling around Rome in a comfortable and elegant air-conditioned van while an expert and courteous guide will talk of Rome and answer your questions.

3. Special Openings

Several archaeological sites and famous noble palaces of Rome can be visited requesting and reserving the opening in advance. We are proposing here a few of the most interesting.

4. Archaeology Museums of Rome

Complete your visit of Rome with the two most important archaeological museums of the city, where you can see not only the masterpieces of the Greek  and Roman art but the very remains of some of the most remarkable architectonic structures of the ancient town, like the foundations …

5. Castelli Romani: the lakes and the Vinery

A wonderful, relaxing  panoramic tour starting from the Appian Way and heading  towards the area of the volcanic crater lakes of Albano and Nemi, the so-called “Castelli Romani”.