Learn how to paint a “Fresco”

December 16 at the stadium of Domitian, we attended an interesting workshop on fresco techniques organized by the Minerals and pigments cooperative Caleidos. After an historical and scientific introduction conducted by Dr. Cecilia Marzi on fresco techniques through the centuries  -Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance-  we wereDSCN5837 shown all the materials used for the purpose.  We were made acquainted with the origins and the basic recipes for making plaster from its first use in ancient Rome; with the minerals and earths for the preparation of the pigments and with the technical transfer of the designs, the pouncing and the methods for drawing colors on the fresh plaster.

PouncingThe finished ""fresco"We then witnessed the actual preparation of the plaster backgrounds and colors. Finally, all participants at the workshop have ventured personally in the realization of small frescoes. It must be said that, besides the fun, the result was very gratifying.