“MAAM” – Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere ” Street Art in Rome

MAAM 5In the south periphery of Rome Inside an abandoned factory, was created a special place, a place to live, literally, create and enjoy art. Village and museum and at the same time.
The factory was occupied by hundreds of people of various ethnic groups: Rom gipsies, Peruvians, Moroccans, Ukrainians, Eritreans homeless. After an idea of the anthropologist and director Giorgio de Finis, in 2012 MAAM 12it was converted into an Art “city”, and the new MAAM, a contemporary art museum, was founded. The ex plant becomes, with the houses and their inhabitants; a mestizo city dedicated to contemporary art.
A new form of artistic experimentation where Art blends with everyday life and the coexistence of different ethnic groups.
It is also a form of collective Art: the artists are invited to give their MAAM 14MAAM 7contribution for free, and interact with the people and of course with the other artists part of the projects.
The MAAM is located in a residential occupancy and is not always open to the public, usually the MAAM can be visited on Saturday mornings .

This place is really something different worth seeing if you come in Rome!