Panna Cotta with Berries or Orange Chocolate Cream

A great dessert for the Christmas Holidays:


Panna Cotta:

Boil in a pot boil 500 cl of milk cream (the liquid one, not the one to cook) while in another you will put 125 cl of milk, lead to slight boiling with an aroma or vanilla or cinnamon and when it comes to a boil add 125 gr. of powdered sugar.

Panna Cotta 1Aside put in a bowl of cold water 3 and a half sheet of gelatin (15g), after few minutes squeeze and the gelatin leaves. Filter the milk from the Vanilla or cinnamon, melt and combine it with the cream and the gelatin.

Leave to cool, pour into pirofiline lightly buttered and leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Serve with Berry fruits cream or Orange Chocolate cream.

Berry cream Recipe:

Buy some frost or, better, fresh berries, add lemon juice (according to the quantity of the berries) and icing sugar then whipp all the ingredients together.

Dark orange chocolate topping Recipe:

Melt the chocolate (200 grams) in a double boiler.Peel the orange peel removing well the white part and cut julienne. Put 2 inches of water and two tablespoons of sugar and boil till it caramelizes, if needed add sugar. When the orange peels are caramelized (you can tell by the color)put the shredded peel in the chocolate adding 10 grams of butter, for about 200g of chocolate a pinch of salt and a dash of cream.

Mix well and serve with all the panna cotta.