The façade of St . Augustin’ s church in Rome

S. Agostino Facciata

St. Augustin’ church facade

I’d like to point our readers’ attention to the beauty of the façade of St . Augustin’ s church in Rome.

A less known church, maybe because off the touristy, beaten tracks, even if located behind one of the most charming and therefore most visited squares in Rome, Piazza Navona.

A travertine façade whose geometrique articulation is enhanced by the sharp edges of its partition’s rectangular shapes.

The fluency of the curved architectonic junctures,  at the same time connecting and separating from each other its upper and lower part, adds a fancy note to the whole, able to lighten its noble austerity.

The quite unusual stairs, for Rome’s churches, leading up to the entrance, was something necessary to avoid the problems connected to the Tiber’s river flooding; It also intensifies this effect of overall lightness.