The lost Necropolis

The large burial ground along the road that linked Portus to Ostia develops from the age of the Flavians (I cent. APortus Necropolis (7)D) who wePortus Necropolis (8)re responsible for the construction of the paved road. Among the most important sites in central Italy, although little known to the general public, it revealed thanks to the numerous inscriptions, the painted decorations and repeatedly reworked structures of the graves, an important fresco of family, social and professional life of the community to which it belonged. The development of the  area begins with the creation of the ports of Claudius and Trajan and the related settlement of Portus Necropolis (4)Porto. The tombs groups are arranged along both sides of the ancient Via Flavia. The brickwork facades are adorned with pilasters, pediments and cornices framing the funerary inscriptions and terracotta reliefs indicating the craft of the deceased. Walls and ceilings were decorated with paintings and stucco. Among the masonry tombs are numerous burials in the ground, in amphorae, sarcophagi and brick covered, some still visible. A real archaeological gem, a visit not to be missed!
Portus Necropolis  Portus Necropolis (5)Portus Necropolis (6)Portus Necropolis (2)